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Making a Lego World

Watch this YouTuber Assemble a Giant 3D Printed Lego Go-Kart

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by Hanna Watkin
2 days ago

Matt Denton and his 8-year-old nephew assemble a regular Lego Go-Kart Kit #1972, alongside a 3D printed version which is five times larger.

Matt Denton has always been a fan of technical Lego. In his latest YouTube video, Denton brings his 8-year-old nephew along to try out a 3D printed giant Lego go-kart. The results are as fun as they sound.

Using a Lulzbot Taz 5 3D printer, Denton’s finished print is approximately five times the size of the original 1980’s Lego kit he uses as inspiration. Originally intending to build one large enough for his nephew to ride, the Hexapod-building YouTuber settled on using the largest part to dictate the project’s size.

Taking the largest part of the kit and scaling it to the maximum possible print on the Taz set the bar. A smart move that meant minimal splitting of parts into separate prints. At 168 hours print time in total, time was probably also a factor. We can only imagine (in horror) how long it would take to print a kit large enough for a child to ride.

The giant go-kart weighs in at 5.5kg. Detailing the project across a couple of videos on his channel, you can see Denton race his nephew racing to complete their Lego kits.

3D Printing a Huge Lego Go-Kart Kit

After a countdown, uncle and nephew get to work assembling the kit #1972, both using the same set of instructions.

Amazingly, the final prints are just like Lego — snapping into place easily and without any need for adhesive. To match the rubber wheels of the original Lego kit, Denton printed his super-size go-kart wheels in Ninjaflex filament using the Lulzbot’s Flexystruder.

Using SCAD files of Lego pieces found online, Denton played around with the scaling until he got the models he needed.

Although you can’t yet build your own, Denton says he’ll go about trying to collate the files. With this in mind, we’ll be sure to keep an eye on the situation and update with a link to the files when they become available.

Also, don’t forget to check out his second video on his YouTube channel to find out about the creation of the giant Lego Technic Go-Kart Kit #1972.

Source: Popular Mechanics

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